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Chemotherapy PUMP

In short; the Chemotherapy Infusion Pump, Fert Medical chemotherapy infusion pump has CE, Iso13485 and SFDA certificate. Besides; Poyan tajhiz Teb Asia is the distributed this pump in Iran and has exclusive representative from Fert Medical. Further to this; the volume of the chemotherapy pump is 100 and 275 CC for keep and inject drugs to patient with Port_Needle and work without any battery or power. Also; no need to Stay at a certain height.

Ease of use for nurses

All of the chambers have pump lumens

Some of the features of this pump:

The pump is UV protected and appropriate for sensitive drugs to light

Special anti-flow set to avoid additional injection

Able to switch regular or precise control of the output

Anti-bacterial set and Air detection set

Ruler on their chamber for controlling the volume of the drugs

Special set for recharged the drugs from pump in emergency time

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