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Pain Management

Laser for Pain Treatment (PLDD)

PLDD ( Per-cutaneous laser Disk Decompression)

PLDD has been the first choice to treat protrusion of intervertebral disc for developed countries, includung the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Korea owing to its multiple clinical advantages, such as the puncture needle with small sizes, minimally invasive cut, easy to control the laser energy, simplified operation, safety, good effect, and quick recovery.

OZON for Pain Treatment

ozone is a traumatic molecule which is very powerful oxidant. For medical purposes ozone is produced from pure oxygen through process of electrical discharges. Due to its very strong bactericidal, citricidal and fungicidal properties, ozone is recognized as an excellent cure for various diseases. one of the ozone therapy methods is blood ozonizng, which changes blood rheology and improves micro-circulation.

RF for Pain Treatment

RF Generators are designed and manufactured with safety, accuracy, ease of use, and longevity in mind. With a built in impedance monitor, nerve stimulator, and lesion generator, the user is able to safely and effectively deliver Continuous or Pulsed Radiofrequency in Monopolar, Bipolar, or QuadrapolarTM Modes.

IP 2000 V

Implantable infusion pump for continuous intrathecal long term medication