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OZON for Pain Treatment

This minimally invasive method of discopathy treatment based on ozone healing properties, was developed and described by Italian researchers only few years ago.

Contraindication for the procedure is chronic lumbar pain (for at least a month) radiating to the leg when conservative methods did not help.

contraindications include nucleus populous all out, advanced degenerative changes, tightness in motor roots of spinal nerves. Ozone disc lesion is an outpatient procedure conducted under local anesthesia and with fluoroscopic guidance.

Oxygen-ozone injections aim to decrease disc volume and its bulge. The effects are noticeable right after the procedure. However, moderate pain and mood deterioration can last for approximately 2 weeks. Full therapeutic effect should be achieved in 8 weeks after the procedure. In 78-80% of cases pain goes into remission completely.

Ozone application in orthopedics and traumatology

Bone and joint inflammation

soft tissue and skin defects-especially in transplantation

Sympathetic dystrophy

Fistulas and hard to heal wounds (diabetic foot syndrome, tropic ulcers of the lower limbs)

Trauma injuries (soft tissue injuries)

Dangerous post traumatic and postoperative inflammation



Working medium: medical oxygen in 10 l cylinders or oxygen concentrator

Ozone concentration on the outlet: up to 90 mg/l

Maximal pressure on the outlet: +0.05 MPa

Maximal under pressure: -0.07 MPa