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Per-cutaneous Laser Disc Decompression

Mechanism of PLDD treating inter vertebral disc diseases

By reducing the pressure in the inter vertebral   disc and the inflammation of surrounding tissue, it removes compression or stimulation threshold to the nerve ncreases, so that the blood supply to artery of the vertebral radical gets improved, And thus achieves the goal of treating vertebral disease.

The whole process of PLDD opperation only takes 15 minutes, and is visible under C arm X-ray or CT.

product model: HOP-100

Laser type: Diode Laser

Maximum laser power: 30 W

Wave lenghth (spcify with order): 980 nm

Laser module import from Germany DILAS

CE certificate

Operation Mode: CW, single or repeat pulse

Display mode: Color LCD screen

Available fibers with multi-core diameter: 200/400/600/800/1000 microns

Pilot beam: Red diode laser of 635n, power < 5 mW


Product Structure and Performance

This model comsists of laser unit and lase fiber. The laser unit concludes diode laser module, optical system, laser power supply and control system, safety protection system.

The fiber is international standards SMA905 connector.

Product Application Scope

Laser has good effect of evaporation, carbonization and cutting and hemostasis. This machine is designed for Pain Management such as PLDD (precautaneous laser disc decompression), DND (Discectomy and Neural Decompression0, Sympathetic Nerve Laser ablation and so on.