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Dialysis injection port from Angiodynamic brand

پورت تزریق دیالیز

Dialysis injection port from Angiodynamic brand

The dialysis injection port is used to access the blood of patients who need dialysis. A dialysis injection port is a type of medical device designed as a safe and stable access point for the dialysis process. This device is used by injecting necessary materials for dialysis and taking the patient’s blood. Stay with us to get to know more about this product.

Application of dialysis injection portAccess to the bloodstream of patients who need dialysis
This port is usually used in cases such as hemodialysis or plasmapheresis
Blood purification of patients
A mediator for the entry and exit of blood
This port is installed through the blood inlet and outlet to the patient’s large vessels to facilitate blood flow to and from the dialysis machine.
Advantages of dialysis infusion portIncreased comfort for the patient
Saving time
pain relief
The development of infection with the lowest probability
Increased accuracy and control
Year of establishment of Angio Dynamic brandThe year 1988
Technical specifications of dialysis injection port from Angiodynamic brandMaterials: quality medical polymersDimensions: with standard dimensions for connecting to dialysis machinesWeight: suitable for comfort and use in different situationsDesign: Up-to-date and efficient design for easy installation and useAccurate and fast injectionResistance to infection and external factorsCan be used repeatedly without side effects for the patient
Honors and certificates of dialysis injection port from Angiodynamic brandAngiodynamic is one of the leading companies in the field of medical equipment production, especially in the field of dialysis and blood processing.
Focus on innovation and high quality
FDA certification
ISO standards
Quality certificates
Dialysis injection port

Angiodynamic brand dialysis injection port review

The injection port is one of the critical components for the dialysis process, and its performance and quality can have a great impact on the patient’s experience. As a large medical equipment manufacturing company, Angiodynamics is well engaged in research and development and innovation, which leads to the production of high quality and high performance products. This product from the popular Angiodynamic brand has won many honors, which we mentioned in the table above.

In general, we can say that the dialysis injection port is a product that you should buy from a quality brand and company. Because if you have poor quality, it can cause a lot of damage to the health of your patients. And the Angio Dynamic brand can be confidently said to be one of the best brands not only in the field of producing dialysis injection ports, but all the products of this brand are unique.

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