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The best permanent hemodialysis catheter (Permict)

بهترین کاتتر همودیالیز دائم (پرمیکت)

The best permanent hemodialysis catheter (Permict)

The best permanent hemodialysis catheter (Permict)

Experience the best permanent hemodialysis catheter (Permict) with dynamic equipment. In order to help respectable patients, Pooyan Tebiz Asia Company has tried to use durable and quality products. Therefore, the permanent hemodialysis catheter (Permict) is an American brand (AngioDynamics) of Pooyan Teb Asia Equipment Company with Endexo technology.

Some of the features of the best dynamic permanent hemodialysis catheter are:

* The curved shape of the catheter head, which makes it not stick to the vessel wall and reduces the risk of arterial insufficiency, as well as the entry and exit of the catheter into the vessel is done more easily, and more importantly, the special design of the catheter type improves even more. Blood flows.
* Catheters contain polyurethane compounds that have properties such as chemical resistance, strength and stability.
* The inner diameter of these catheters is larger than the inner diameter of catheters of other brands, which causes the flow rate of the catheter to be higher compared to other permicats.

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What is a permanent hemodialysis catheter?

Many patients with severe kidney failure will need dialysis for a period of time (from days to years). The work of the kidneys is to remove waste from the body, and when the kidneys fail, this is done through dialysis.

Hemodialysis (blood dialysis) is performed by removing blood from the vein, flowing the blood through the filtering device and returning the filtered blood to the bloodstream. If patients need dialysis for several years, surgery is usually done on a large vein in the upper arm, but most people who receive hemodialysis use a dialysis catheter for at least a few months.

The catheter has two internal channels, one to remove blood from the vessel to the device and the other to return blood to the blood flow in the vessel. The catheter usually enters the skin under the collarbone and enters the jugular vein under the skin. This type of catheter is used for long-term use (from several months to several years). Catheters are designed with a cuff under the skin to prevent them from pulling out and preventing infection.

BioFlo DuraMax dialysis catheter

BioFlo DuraMax dialysis catheter is the first dialysis catheter with Endexo technology, the best permanent hemodialysis catheter. As can be seen in the SEM microscopic images (Figure 1-1), this technology makes it more resistant to the accumulation of thrombus (blood clot) compared to other conventional catheters with uncoated polyurethane (based on platelet count).

Permanent hemodialysis catheter (Permict)

Figure 1-1 Measurement of endaxo technology with polyurethane and the amount of thrombosis

What is Indexo technology?

Endexo technology is a permanent, non-washable polymer that is combined with the polyurethane that the catheter is made of. This polymer is present throughout the catheter until the end of its life on all external and internal surfaces of the conduit. These molecules have anti-adhesion properties and reduce the activity of blood proteins and its components, thus reducing the risk of thrombus formation. (Image 1-2)

Permicate cut

Figure 1-2 Cross-sectional view of two lumens with Endexo technology

Also, these molecules increase the biological compatibility of medical equipment with tissue and blood. The entire material of Permict catheters of Angiodynamic company is made using this technology, which makes its anti-thrombosis property as high as possible. The privilege of this technology belongs only to Angiodynamic Company.

According to picture 1-3, this catheter consists of 4 parts. Curved lumen tip technology reduces vein wall deposits and the risk of arterial insufficiency. The 3 cm tip in Figure 1-4 slows down recirculation. Catheter F 14.5 and F15.5 BioFlo DuraMax model with the presence of a dedicated lumen with twist-resistant design causes high flow rate at medium arterial pressures. BioFlo transparent extension tubes are used for early observation of blood return and resistant to blood accumulation. Endexo technology is present throughout the entire bloodstream, including transparent extension tubes. One of the features of this catheter in hemodialysis is the ease of placement and long-term access with high flow to the peripheral venous artery due to the suitable diameter of the lumen and one of the most important factors of Indexo technology that leads to the reduction of thrombosis.

Permicate parts

Figure 1-3 Components of BioFlo DuraMax dialysis catheter
Permicate parts

Figure 1-4 3 cm tip

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