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The best diagnostic catheter

The best diagnostic catheter

The best diagnostic catheter

Experience the best angiography diagnostic catheter with dynamic equipment. In order to help respectable patients, Pooyan Tebiz Asia Company has tried to use durable and quality products. Therefore, the angiography diagnostic catheter of Pouyan Tehzih Teb Asia is an American brand (AngioDynamics).

Among the features of the best dynamic angiography diagnostic catheter are:

1- Coating technology reduces catheter surface friction by 90%, enabling smoother movement through tortuous vessels.
2- Mariner catheters are methodically efficient, meaning no initial prewetting is required
3- The distal end of the catheter (approximately 20 cm long) has a hydrophilic coating that allows for smooth navigation as well as optimal handling and control.
4- Soft and atraumatic tip to minimize trauma and damage to the patient’s vessels.

5- The tapered tip allows for excellent tracking on the guidewire.
6- Ultra-radioactive tungsten tip for easy visualization under fluoroscopy.
7- The self-expanding tip expands the device allowing for easy and smooth insertion.
8- The exclusive tip-to-shaft welding process ensures the durability of the catheter tip.
9- Extruded nylon shaft for reliable pressure and torque capability.

Diagnostic angiography catheters have various types to detect blockage of vessels in different parts of the body. Some of the available diagnostic catheters of Pouyan Tehiz company can be seen in picture 1-1. According to picture 1-2, you can see the use of each of these catheters in different parts of the body.

Angiography diagnostic catheter

Figure 1-1 Some models of angiography diagnostic catheter

Catheters in different parts of the body

Figure 1-2 Application of each of these catheters in different parts of the body

According to the diagram 1-1, you can see a comparison between the Mariner catheter and its leading competitor in lubrication loss and be sure of the strength of the AngioDynamics catheter.

Chart 1-1 A comparison of the Mariner catheter versus its leading competitor

What is angiography?

Angiography is an excellent diagnostic method for examining the coronary arteries of the heart as well as the arteries of other parts of the body and determining the degree of vascular obstruction and problems of the veins. Types of angiography include the following.

1- Cardiac angiography

2- Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) – images of blood vessels in the brain

3- Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)

4- Pulmonary angiography

5- Radionuclide angiography (RNA) – a type of nuclear medicine process

6- Renal angiography

7- CT angiography

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