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PCA Pump; Say Goodbye to the Pain of Surgery With PCA Pump

PCA Pump

PCA Pump; Say Goodbye to the Pain of Surgery With PCA Pump

Why PCA Pump?

Nowadays, with the advancement of science in all around the world, new and applicable products have been invented for a variety of diseases that are now tackling many diseases. But the most common concern of physicians has been to deal with post-surgical pain, which has been a variety of ways to deal with the pain of surgery. And; the most common in the world is PCA Pump (Patient-Controlled Analgesia).

You or your acquaintance may have had an experience of surgery and pain afterward, and you know that doctors inject analgesic into the body to relieve the pain in the recent situations.

But this approach has two fundamental implications.

  1. Determine the required dose for the patient
  2. Duration of interval between each injection



Further to this; doctors couldn’t inject the required dose with a syringe. And an inappropriate amount of medication injected into the patient’s body and the pain resumed after a few minutes or hours and continued until the patient recovered. Moreover; patient will get addicted to the analgesic.

Nowadays, it has been more than 15 years that hospitals all around the world are using a device, PCA Pump to relieve the pain after surgery.

This device has a reservoir for analgesic and a portable to control the amount of specified dose for each injection accurately. Also, these pumps have a button called Bluse which is given to the patient until the patient’s pain is severe; by pressing that button injects a certain amount of the drug into the patient’s body.


PCA Pump

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However, keep in mind that this button only works at a specified interval, which is usually injectable every 15, 30 or 60 minutes to prevent the patient from an overdose.



The PCA pump is available in 2 sizes; 100 cc and 270 cc. Depends on the amount of drug. And; it is more suitable for 24 hours after surgery when the pain is acute. Moreover; the age suffering of the PCA pump is 18-45.

To sum up; people experience a pleasant, without pain and adverse surgery with the PCA pump. Such as; Acute back pain, involve the nursing and medical system and to prevent patient from overdose.

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