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PCA Infusion Pump; Disposable Multirate Infusion Pump

Disposable Infusion Pump or PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) with a scientific name; disposable mechanical Infusion Pump that often called narcoticts pump is used to relieve pain after surgery. Furthermore; the most common is giving birth pain.

Also; PCA pump has smooth the way of Possibility to confirm the accurate dose and the interval between using drugs for anesthesiologists due to hiving ability accurate rating complications of infusion pump. Moreover; it depends on the type of ataractic that is placed in the drug holder bag.

Disposable Infusion Pump offers infusion of medication in a safe and accurate way.Thus; the pumps are tailored for continuous infusion with preset dose that it is a deal for anesthesia, pain management, and chemotherapy use, etc.Besides; it is available in a variety of volumes and flow rates to suit the patient’s individual needs.


Features of PCA pump Fertmedical brand

Above all, infusion pump has a special guard around the medicine compartment to prevent of stick of medicine bag to pump container

made for intravenous and epidural injection
it has special set anti-free flow for preventing of free flow rate
it has flow rate for accurate adjust and control Switch Regular and Control Tube
clear marketing of pump chamber to control volume of residual drug in the pump
it has special set for discharging the drug from the pump in emergency cases
filter set for Anti Bacterial and Air Detection
it has special key to change the setting of flow rate to prevent the intervention of patients. Also; uninformed people in the flow rate settings
it also has all the international and European quality certifications. including; SFDA, ISO, CE as well as official quality approval license from the ministry of health, treatment and medical education of the Islamic republic of IRAN.

PCA Pump


•Non-electrical pump, maintenance free; lightweight and disposable for maximum convenience.
•Minimal training requirement for nurse/patient.

Uses flexibility of silicon reservoir to allow for constantminimal drop control through capillary catheter

  • To guarantee safe efficient continuous pain easinginfusion
  • Standard capacity: 100, 3000 and 275mL
  • Standard flux: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10mL/hour
  • PCA: 0.5mL/every time
  • PCA interval: 10 minutes
  • Efficient infusion capacity: >90%
  • Suitable for clinical pain easing treatment