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TITAN-PORT Systems (Arterial/Venous) are fully implantable port systems consisting of an injection chamber (port) a screw closure mechanism, a self-sealing membrane, and a catheter. Each system includes a special puncture needle, this instruction guide, and a patient ID-card. Suitable introducer sets are available seperatly.

The port chamber consists of hypoallergenic biocompatible titanium. This material is non-magnetic. The base plate has openings for securing the system with sutures to the fascia. The port chamber and the catheter can be disconnected.

The silicone membrane can be punctured up to 3000 times with the enclosed non-coring special puncture needle. The membrane possesses a high-pressure stability and ensures proper positioning of the needle when placed.

The catheter (various models, sizes and materials depending on indication) can be shortened to the individual length required. It bears radiopaque calibration markings at 5 cm intervals, and is conically tapered at the tip. The arterial catheter has three distal fixation rings. The same applies to PUR (Polyurthane) Catheters.

Only special non-coring port-needles (SFN®-port needles recommended) should be used for puncture of the port membrane. These needles exhibit a unique bevel at the tip. This prevents punch defects of the membrane when the needle is advanced. (22 G or 20G are recommended). Each system contains a suitable needle.