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The Best PCA Pump in Iran

Infusion Pump or PCA

The Best PCA Pump in Iran


The reason for being the best PCA pumps of Pouyan Tajhiz Teb Asia Co., Ltd. in Iran; is its high accuracy due to its three-channel in the regulator section.
As you know, anti-pump or PCA (Patient-controlled Analgesia) is for relieving pain in a variety of surgeries. Besides; The mechanism of which is the injection of painkillers accurately and on time.
Painkillers or PCA pumps can be connected to the patient’s body in two ways.
1- After anesthesia and before surgery
2- After the surgery before the patient recovers
However, the main goal in any methods of that is patient does not feel any pain after recovery
Moreover; the disposable mechanical pump has a tank for placing painkillers or narcotics and a portable for controlling the specific dose for each injection accurately. That’s why Pouyan Pump is the best PCA Pump in Iran.


Advantages of Pouyan Disposable Mechanical Pumps (Best PCA Pump)

The mechanical structure of available pumps in the market is that it has a roller to adjust the pump output. And; to adjusts the pump output only by closing part of the pump catheter path by the roller.Further to this; inside the portable pumps on the market, there is a catheter that in this kind of manufacturing mechanism there is a lot of error to accurately adjust the fluorite.
In the Disposable mechanical pump with three-channel of Pouyan Tajhiz Brand, the roller part has been completely removed, and inside the portable, there are 3 channels for each rate. Furthermore; the output fluorite is regulated only by 0 or 1 in each of the three channels of the pump.
In this way, three separate catheters install for each florist with outputs of 2,4,8 milliliters per hour. And; the output florist adjusts by opening and closing each catheter.




This image is a three-channel PCA pump from Germany; (what is the best and most famous PCA Pump in Iran) with a trade brand, Pouyan Pump, manufactured by the company; FertMedical, Germany, with a regulator capability of 0.2,4,6,8,10,12,14 ml/h.And; with an injecting blues of 0.5 ml and Lockout time = 15 min.Also; it has an Anti-Free Flow filter and Anti-crystal and German material. In two sizes, 100cc and 275cc.three channel


Best PCA Pump

Best PCA Pump, Disposable Infusion Pump

PCA Pump, Best PCA pump In Iran Instruction:

When the regulator is set on 0, all three catheters are completely closed.
When the regulator is on rate 2, only the catheter number 2 is open
Rate 4 only catheter 4
Rate 6 only catheters 2 and 4
8 (Rate) only catheter 8
10 only catheters 2 and 8
Rate 12 only catheters 4 and 8
Finally, Rate 14 of all three catheter pumps are fully open blouse, PCA Pump of Fert Medical Germany This three-channel technology caused the probability of output error to be minimized and even 0

Bluse Bottom

Bluse Bottom, three-channel infusion Pump, Best PCA Pump


Bluse Bottom

Pouyan Tajhiz PCA pumps have a button; called Bluse that is available for the patient.When the patient’s pain is severe; by pressing that button it injects an accurate amount of the drug into the patient’s body.
However, keep in mind that this button only works at a specified interval, which is usually injectable every 15, 30, or 60 minutes to prevent the patient from an overdose.




Pouyan PCA Pump (Patient-controlled Analgesia) is the best in all around Iran. It also has all the international and European quality certifications. including; SFDA, ISO, CE as well as official quality approval license from the ministry of health, treatment and medical education of the Islamic Republic of IRAN. Moreover; Pouyan Tajhiz Blog on one of the Top 10 Iran blogs in the world.

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